Registration for courses II/2016

Registration: Registration for courses II/2016 has started. To keep the same spot in your current course, please sign up for it by 31.5.2016, it will be pre-booked for you till then. After this date, all the courses will be open to all clients interested in it. To validate your reservation, please pay the deposit 500 Kč for each reserved course by 16.6.2016. It could be paid in cash, with credit card in the studio or by bank transfer to account 304012/5500 (please write your name in the message for receiver). You can register by:
  • filling in the online form here or on our website
  • e-mail: infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • phone: 775 288 066
  • in person in the studio
What’s new:
  1. Instructors: 
    • We are very sorry that we have to say good-bye to Carolyn Kubena, she is moving out this summer. Thank you so much for your life changing classes, Carolyn!
    • Daša Horváthová is a talented professional dancer, dance choreographer with university degree. She also teaches dance lessons in ISP for children of all ages, this school year she lead with Jana Kyriakou the dance class for us (adults), eager dancers with no dance experience and education and we learnt 2 amazing choreographies. In our studio Daša will teach 2 stretching classes (for adults and teens) and a lesson called .movementally which promises to take you deep into the movements of a daily life. Please read the description of her classes below (in the attachment).
    • Taňa Kotova is a new Stott Pilates teacher in our team. She studied in Brno and she is a qualified and experienced matwork, Reformer and pilates chair teacher. Taňa will lead both private and group classes.
  2. Workshops: Based on the very good response to our 2 workshops on essential oils with Bogdan Copil, we would like to organize different events regularly starting in September. The topics will cover many aspects of healthy lifestyle, not only food :-) and we will invite experts to our studio to give you the lectures. 
  3. Equipment:  Studio Namaste 2, our “new” small studio is fully equipped for the private yoga and pilates lessons. Except Reformer, we also have a new piece of pilates equipment there, which is EXO chair by Balanced Body
  4. Prices: We kept the prices on the same level as long as we could. Unfortunately, it is no longer unavoidable, the costs from different suppliers increase all the time, we do our best to provide you the services on the highest possible level. From 1.9.2016 the prices of our lessons will be following (incl. 15% VAT):
    • group lesson 60 min: 250 Kč prepaid lesson / 290 Kč single lesson
    • group lesson 90 min: 310 Kč prepaid lesson / 360 Kč single lesson
    • group lesson 45 min (functional training): 220 Kč prepaid lesson / 250 Kč single lesson
    • group lesson 35 min (pranayama): 160 Kč prepaid lesson / 180 Kč single lesson

About the studio

stability balls1Studio Namaste was opened in September 2008. It is orientated towards Body & Mind exercises, especially with the focus on  lessons of yoga, pilates, chi-toning, dynamic core training and BOSU and stability ball classes. In the schedule, there can be found both regular group lessons, and also private or semi-private classes for 1 to 2 clients or small closed group.

From May 2013 we also offer private and semi-private lessons on original Stott Pilates machines, Reformers

The studio differs from large fitness centers by the orientation towards individual client’s needs with a focus on detail, intimate atmosphere in a comfortable environment and every effort being made for maximum wellness and relaxation. We shall be also taking the benefit of years of experience with healthy lifestyle. 




"I went to Jana’s studio 3 times a week to keep up a healthy life style and also for meeting other people. 

I loved the 90 min yoga class with Jana S. - a great balance of working out and relaxing. I always felt totally re-energized and so happy afterwards.

Another great workout is the 'Chi Toning' class with wonderful teacher Jana K. In this class she makes you sweat by using different elements from yoga. Jana is very motivating and makes the lesson a lot of fun. You will feel your muscles the next day! ;-)

The third class I took was called ‘Core Training’ where we worked on building up muscles by using different tools, e.g. Bosu, straps, circles, balls … Jana S. was always very creative and I also enjoyed this class. 

The studio is nice and cosy and very clean. It is well equipped with all kinds of tools that support your workout. 
The atmosphere is very warm and caring.

Keep up the great work, Jana! 

I will miss working out at the Studio Namaste! The classes really made my day! :-)"

Doris L., Austria