About the studio

stability balls1Studio Namaste was opened in September 2008. It is orientated towards Body & Mind exercises, especially with the focus on  lessons of yoga, pilates, chi-toning, dynamic core training and BOSU and stability ball classes. In the schedule, there can be found both regular group lessons, and also private or semi-private classes for 1 to 2 clients or small closed group.

From May 2013 we also offer private and semi-private lessons on original Stott Pilates machines, Reformers

The studio differs from large fitness centers by the orientation towards individual client’s needs with a focus on detail, intimate atmosphere in a comfortable environment and every effort being made for maximum wellness and relaxation. We shall be also taking the benefit of years of experience with healthy lifestyle. 



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"Since its opening, Studionamaste and it's professional team of well trained instructors kept my mind and body in great shape.  The Studio offers a pleasant and serene environment for the small class groups. The instructors provide inspiration, expert guidance and individual attention throughout the sessions. Studionamaste is enthusiastically recommended to anyone looking for an efficient, fun and pleasant way to stay in form.  For me its advantages over other studios were range of class types, small class sizes, professional and English speaking instructors and its convenient location outside the city centre, in close proximity to the International School of Prague.  A big thanks to Jana Spurna and her team.  I'll definitely be back when I return to Prague."
Aase Lenau - current location Dubai